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The Tiger Summer Drive Promotion

Terms and Conditions

Main Promotion

  1. The Tiger Summer Drive Promotion will run from Monday, 31st October 2022 to Friday, 16th December 2022. The Grand Draw will take place on Saturday, 17th December 2022.
  2. The promotion is open to all Tiger Wheel & Tyre retail customers (individuals) except employees and immediate family members of Tiger Wheel & Tyre employees as well as employees and immediate family of partners of the Summer Drive.
  3. No participants below 18 years of age are allowed to enter the promotion.
  4. The customer must purchase either Passenger or 4×4 or SUV or light truck tyres with full services at any Tiger Wheel & Tyre Zimbabwe store to participate in this promotion. Full services are considered to include Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing, Nitrogen Air as a minimum requirement for qualification to the draw. Additional services maybe provided by Tiger Wheel & Tyre and will be included in the definition of Full Services.
  5. This promotion is only valid for fully paid purchases from Tiger Wheel & Tyre Zimbabwe stores. Only the following purchase combinations qualify for entry into the promotion (see below)


  1. Spend a minimum of USD$200.00 on passenger tyres and full services to qualify to win an instant prize.
  2. Purchase any 4 tyres or more passenger tyres + full services (Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing, & Nitrogen); win an instant prize and get entered the grand draw.


  1. Customers will receive a Fiscal Tax Invoice with their personal details from the cashier point with an official receipt confirming the payment made.
  2. Based on the value of the invoice, instant prizes will be won.
  3. Customers are to drop the invoice into the relevant entry container in-store to enter the promotion. One container will be allocated for 4 tyres + full Services and a second container will be allocated for 2 tyres + full Services.
  4. Participation in the Tiger Summer Drive Promotion is voluntary. By entering, all participants agree to be bound by the rules which will be interpreted by Tiger Wheel & Tyre team whose decision regarding and dispute will be final and binding.
  5. Tiger Wheel & Tyre reserves the right to amend, modify or change these rules at any time during the promotion.
  6. Tiger Wheel & Tyre reserves the right to use any video or photography footage acquired during the course of the promotion for print or electronic media at no fee. By virtue of participating in the promotion / competition the participant(s) provides full permission for Tiger Wheel & Tyre Zimbabwe to use the footage or pictures in any of its marketing materials in the future in perpetuity.
  7. To redeem their prizes, winning participants must present positive proof of identification that matches the details provided for the preparation of the final tax invoice, that will be used to enter the draw.
  8. Tiger Wheel & Tyre reserves the right to limit the number of prizes won by a single customer during the course of the promotion at its discretion and allocate the prizes to another winner, without recourse from the original winner.
  9. All winners will be notified via messages or direct calls and will receive an official confirmation in writing from Tiger Wheel & Tyre on a letterhead, signed by one of the Directors.
  10. Promotion mechanics will be communicated to all customers via press and social media and activations.
  11. No prizes will be redeemable for cash and will carry no monetary value.
  12. The following prizes can only be won if the customer makes the purchases as detailed below against each prize.
  13. No customer will be allowed to win more than one prize per invoice.