Free Vehicle Safety Check

Tiger Wheel & Tyre is encouraging all motorists to drive in to their nearest store for a FREE vehicle safety check and drive off with peace of mind knowing their wheels, tyres, wipers and battery won’t let them down.

The FREE vehicle safety check consists of the following:

  • Tyre Inspection – Tiger Wheel & Tyre professionals will analyse the tread depth and make sure it’s within South African legal limits, tyre pressure and wear on each tyre. In addition, your tyres will also be inspected for punctures, sidewall damage and sidewall bubbles. Wheel Alignment & Balancing inspection will also be included (additional charges for Alignment & Balancing will be applicable if required, with customer approval).
  • Battery Test – Typically, most South Africans are guilty of leaving their battery test until after their vehicle doesn’t start. At this point it’s too late and the battery needs to be replaced. The Tiger Wheel & Tyre experts will carry out a battery check and test its power capacity before you hit the road.
  • Wiper Blades Inspection – Don’t wait for a rainy day to have your wiper blades checked and replaced. For clear visibility and for your safety, get a Tiger Wheel & Tyre professional to inspect your wiper blades.

Journey On with Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

Driving with tyres that haven’t been properly maintained can be dangerous. An improperly maintained or damaged tyre can explode without warning with tremendous force, resulting in injury or death.

Here’s how to lower the risk of that happening:

  • Check your tyre’s air pressure regularly.
  • You should check each tyre’s pressure (including your spare) once each month and always before a long trip.
  • Always do it before you’ve driven too far. The tyres need to be cold to give an accurate result.
  • All tyres lose air over time. This is normal, especially in warmer weather.
  • Don’t exceed the load-carrying limits.
  • Check the load-carrying limits on your tyres’ sidewalls. These should never be exceeded. Overloading builds up heat which could lead to failure.
  • Try to avoid road hazards but if you’ve run over glass, rocks or the curb of the road, check the tyre for any external damage.
  • If you’re not satisfied you can get your tyre demounted and checked for internal damage at a Tiger Wheel & Tyre near you.

Worn tyres

  • Keep an eye on the wear bars on your tyres. When the tread is worn away enough that the wear bars connect it’s time to replace the tyre.